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Boom There was a 30 second gap between the two J 10a They took off one after another, the roar of the powerful engine alarmed the residential area, and the lights in many rooms were turned on.This abnormal lift off operation alarmed many people.Favorite Click Tickets Section 36 The broken metal egg is nothing to do with Lin Mo.Since there are real combat missions, those experienced pilots will go first, and hand pilots like Lin Mo are still To pay close attention to learning flying and fighting skills is the current priority.The collision of the air power of the two worlds is really unimaginable.Lin Mo s back was wet immediately, and he felt uneasy as if he had a rabbit in his heart.After all, the gold coin used to come from the same world as him, even though the gold coin had always regarded himself as As a mortal enemy, he wants to take his own life and then hurry up, but according to this world, he is a fellow villager who has broken bones and tendons.

Lin Mo, take Bai Fei and Ye Xiaowei to the south, where there is a lot of grass, and rabbits are indispensable.It depends on your slingshot.Grab more for us.Extra meal Chen Haiqing then pointed to the east side of the runway, and said at the head of runway No.2 Whoever goes to the east side, yes, you, you, and you, go there with crossbows, be careful of snakes If you encounter Don t let it go, catch it and stew it together.Pull the net Follow us to the north, and the remaining ones with crossbows will follow me.No firing is allowed at a distance of 20 meters.Don t hurt anyone.Today we are going to sing about Flying Daggers.Chen Haiqing is majestic, and he has had enough of being a leader.Suddenly, erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice he seemed to remember something, and shouted at the place where the cooking class is located Cooking class, come, someone, take a basin and a spoon, and use it as a gong for me.

During the round up of two or three hours, nearly 400 hares were killed and injured, and more than 100 were captured alive.The results of the battle were brilliant.Except for a few particularly smart rabbits hiding in extremely secret underground caves, the hares near the runway in the base were wiped out.All the rabbit hunters were men in their thirties, and none of them would take pity on these small animals.One by one is more ruthless than the other.The commotion on the side of the runway is getting louder and louder.The fruits of the battle are too rich, and other people in the base can t help but join in.The net style sweeps are repeatedly interspersed, which corresponds to the idiom waiting for the rabbit , and some rabbits even jump around in a panic.Into the cooking class pot.When the sun was setting and the team was closed, the rabbits in the airport could hardly recover for two or three years.

What kind of person behind the Red Scorpion can afford to arm this smuggling team under him at such a price.However, the intelligence shows that there is basically no anti aircraft firepower, only an American made 249 light machine gun is a little threatening to low altitudes.The staff group s permission to dispatch the J 10 is based on letting Lin Mo participate in the soy sauce, adding a guarantee to the operation of a squadron consideration.Hey, be a spectator Lin Mo The gold coin that no longer played tricks saw the contents of the tactical tablet screen in Lin Mo s hand, and he laughed strangely The combat achievements of dispatching are not enough to burn oil back and forth.Hey, tsk tsk A squadron is dispatched, Division of Camiguin erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice more people beat fewer people, and the equipment is superior.You have taking viagra sublingual nothing to do with it.

Many members of the Dark Night intelligence team are familiar faces to many overseas organizations.As soon as they appear, they are recognized, which is very disadvantageous in operations.The short service life of intelligence personnel is a headache for him.The competent generals were reluctant to use them until the critical moment, and they were all used in this operation.So Lieutenant Colonel Xie shifted his attention to other departments, and it happened that one of them could get into his eyes, not only for face to face, but also for combat.Can kill, has a decisive personality, not to mention being unable to be a thousand faced man, at least being a mercenary is not easy to reveal his secrets.Who has ever seen someone who dares to be so cruel to his own people.I still have reservations, your intelligence team Do a test on him first, and bring back the test results later.

Fortunately, the connection person passed the token to Lin Mo before his death.If you can t get in touch, the candidate connector will take the initiative to contact Second Lieutenant Lin Mo, although it may be exposed, it can only be used once, and you can t care about it at this time.Elder sister Li Muxin deliberately suppressed the voice that only she and her younger sister could hear voice, without raising his head.Hehe, neither the team leader nor the person surnamed Lin would have thought that we are the real main force here, and the person surnamed Lin is just a supporting role, helping us attract other people s firepower.It may erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice be compared with our official staff.Li Mubing thought maliciously in his heart that Xiao Jiujiu was the only one he had, and even his sister didn t know it.Get a taste of what the work of the intelligence team is like, it doesn t involve any key points at all, and there is no danger.

Golden coin, now you should act first to investigate the location of the airport.If you find something, come back quickly and don t expose bladder cancer erectile dysfunction it.Lin Mo didn t speak, and said through the soul contract, because there was a bug in the room, which was told by the golden coin, this guy It is quite sensitive to electronic products and can even be used as a detector.The pool of black liquefied erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice metal trembled, pulled into a thin wire, pointed directly at the ground socket in the room, aimed at the jack, and rushed in, exploded a small electric spark and disappeared without a trace Without a trace, like a fish returning to the sea, any metal object is an ocean of gold type dragons.Lin Mo does not have the special agent skills of James Bond 007, but has the universal equipment that 007 does erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice best male enhancement pills 2019 australia not have.Without the help of the golden dragon, Lin Mo would have a headache for this mission.

Your son is not so stupid.He is a fool who is a man machine, and people die and planes die.Matter 1 Lin Mo nodded vigorously, reassuring He Yuejia, that there are gold coins around him, even if he deliberately bumped into the ground, it may not be dangerous, as if he did this once not long ago.Where do you plan erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice to go during this time He Yuejia asked the exact same question as Lin Yuanfang, Why don t you just live here with mom, since mom s place is a villa with many rooms and yellow shops, you can choose whatever you like.He didn t know how to deal with the enthusiasm of his parents, which he had never experienced before, so he could only keep a certain distance first.Lin Mo shook his head and said, No, I have already asked my classmates to come out to play, and then go far away.I will travel to my son s place.

The weight of the aircraft twice as heavy as that of the MiG fighter cannot be offset in the air.The big difference is the pilots.Although the Su 30 is very advanced and has many advantages over the MiG 21, it is still humans who control the weapons to determine the outcome.Lin Mo obviously feels that the pilots of the two Su 30s are at the rookie level.It is not comparable to those domestic pilots who are still in the student stage.Not only are their reactions slow, but their flying skills are clumsy and ridiculous.Although African countries are considered pretty good pilots, but with less than 200 hours of flying experience in one year, I am afraid that the trainees in China who still fly Chinese teaching planes are better than these two Su 30 pilots.Even if the other erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice party drove an f935, Lin Mo would still yell at him cruelly.

Beast Can there be a giant dragon Answer The answer is obvious.Lin Mo took a few steps back and accelerated a little, tapped the barbed wire with his toes, jumped up in the air, and a kite turned over and jumped over the nearly five meter high barbed wire.He is not interested in going around for dozens of kilometers.Not long after going deeper into the protected area, Lin Mo s keen eyesight caught a group of black soldiers with guns driving towards him in two jeeps, and they seemed to be pointing at him.Someone from above is looking this way with a telescope.This place is no different than high altitudes.Ordinary humans wear high powered binoculars, and their eyesight is not inferior to that of dragon knights.Humans always use tools to get closer to other people or creatures with their natural advantages.

The soldier who was blown away by the rpg rocket struggled to sit up on the ground.The hand wearing the bulletproof wrist shield was obviously deformed due to severe injuries.Although the shield surface was burnt, it was not broken and remained intact.Seeing this scene out of the corner of his eye, Lin Mo marveled at the strong defensive power, his hands were merciless, and he punched and kicked directly to the vitals.Since rpg rockets can t hurt you, then let you have a good taste of Dragon Knight fist.Fragments of the plug in equipment flew, and even high tech products could not withstand Lin Mo s unreasonable and comprehensive violent blow.Only the afterimage left by Lin Mo remained in the air.These soldiers were terrified and completely lost their composure.They kept shouting and kept catching Lin Mo s figure and fired, but they always took a slow step.

PFBI has agents from the Chinese people, not to mention that the Chinese country will also use its own way to treat its own body.Maybe one day you will run into an FBI 4 agent, don t be surprised that the other party also has the identity of the foreign affairs department of the China intelligence front.Yes, you can call me Monet.Of course, the name is just a nickname for me.I can t remember the original real name.The black man said while carefully tidying up the table Catherine s words We have heard it.Then under Li s table, beside the chair and in the hu basin, Lin Mo took out seven or eight button sized things in his eyes, it goes without saying that how to find viagra they are all the same time bug.And the cigarette box shaped electronic device he put on the table is probably a jammer that intercepts the signal.

It all started in the second half of last year.Thank you, chief, for your concern Team leader Pan was flattered Smiling, it is not easy for senior leaders to remember.There are so many special service brigades across the country, usually taking on various tasks, and all of them are heroes to ensure national security.A team, even the daily work can be written into a legendary novel, and it is not easy to stand out from the crowd.By the way, who is your gold coin , please introduce it to me This guy is now a celebrity Yes, there are hundreds of pilots named gold coins in the country at once, and a money squadron was built for this.There are copper coins, iron coins, anyway, there are a lot of them, let alone foreigners, it is us People don t even think about which one is the real gold coin.Now that we are here today, let us see the true face of Lushan Mountain.

In the airport, except for the clean up personnel who seized the time to clean up the aftermath, other personnel began to get busy.The Pakistanis who had suffered such a boring loss were all holding their breaths.A 5s were pushed out, except for the reservation of the defense All available fighter jets are mobilized.The data link information connected by the BSCat command center and the Pakistani command center is flowing at a high speed, closely tracking the information fed back by the special scouts in front, and cooperating with the army to formulate combat plans.The alarm clock of the golden dragon s watch woke Lin Mo up, and he looked at it in a daze, and it was already 6 30 in the afternoon Dragon Knight Dragon Knight With a Russian style big tongue rolling thick grunting English.Okay, I m here Lin Mo jumped up from the yellow, opened the door, and saw the Russian volunteers who had been incorporated into the A 5 Wild Wolf Squadron of the Azrael Flying Squadron.

Although the tour bus carrying the Chinese volunteer pilots squeezed into the slow traffic flow, although the turtle crawled, it was not crowded and unable to move.The residents of Peshawar all believe in Islam, which has become a part of everyone s daily .

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life.Various ancient mosques are located in various places in Peshawar, and they are also important places for men to gather and pray.The tour guide Ziahak Annum sent by the Pakistani side is black and thin, with a beautiful mustache.He is a dedicated tour guide and is very familiar with Peshawar.Some historical allusions were made, and one or two jokes broke out from time to time, which made the Chinese volunteer pilots laugh out loud.There are so many witty words from the tour guide on the pistachio car, which relieved the pressure accumulated by the pilots in the war.

We Pakistanis It is with great sincerity to seek peace and happiness for the people of India and Pakistan.We are willing to become a good neighborly and friendly country with India, but the world is full of accidents.Our government will protest to India and will Continue to work hard for the ceasefire agreement, well, let s wait and see We are leaving.Although Asad Vieri Khan, the representative of Pakistan, said these official articles with a deadpan face, careful reporters found that there was something in his words.There is a deep meaning hidden, and I can t help but think about it.This may be an attitude or a signal from the Pakistani side towards this matter.When the reporters wanted to ask more questions, the Pakistani bodyguards suddenly pushed the reporters away and escorted the representatives away.

This is the case, national defense Xing also invested at least 300 million in it.Although so much money was spent, many designs have been verified in practice, which will be of great help to the improvement and modification of products in the future.This is the benefit of manufacturing experimental machines.Don t worry about the engine, I ve already solved it, hum, it s not worse than your 15a Lin Mo also smiled smugly, how about the f119 p 100 engine of the f 22, it s imported in its original packaging , It won t be too bad.But Lin Mo dare not say this news clearly, it s really deadly.Damn it Really, you won t lie to me Chen Haiqing grabbed Lin Mo s clothes in the cockpit.The boy s words almost made him fall off the plane.You must know that whether it is a civil aircraft or a military aircraft, or any other means of transportation, the core part of the power is It s difficult, but Lin Mo solved this problem easily without showing the mountains or the water.

If the third world happens, everyone will definitely It is a nightmare that the enemy cannot get rid of.Chen Haiqing once again confirmed how frightening the growth rate of this comrade in arms is.How long has it been He can almost apply for the Guinness Book of World Records.According to gossip, the superior transferred this guy to Bastan to play two More than a month of actual combat is simply extremely wise.Without this war, I really would not be able to dig out this trump card.Just anti terrorism and air patrols, even ordinary pilots can do no worse than Lin Mo.It is simply It is as monstrous as the fighter he is making Yes, it is a pair of monsters.The only pity is that because of cost issues and flight life, it is impossible for the country to pay Lin Mo to build a fighter jet, unless Lin Mo Mo Mo did it himself, in fact, this guy did the same.

Well done It is indeed a super ace I am convinced.As soon as Chen Haiqing s words fell, the staff gathered around to watch the 20DOF flight simulator applauded competencia del viagra enthusiastically.Wonderful, a wonderful simulated air battle, although it is not real, but it is true He really conquered everyone who saw it.This guy is really an ace Master Chen doesn t know where he met this pilot, and many people don t know the relationship between Lin Mo and Chen Haiqing.The ace pilot hired at a lot of cost.Too young, Liu Gong, who organized the operation manual for Lin Mo, murmured in his heart.If he hadn t seen it with his own eyes, and confirmed that this specially made twenty degree of freedom There is no semicolon for flight simulators in China, and he thought that Lin Mo had played it countless times.Hai Qing, this thing is awesome Hahaha, it s so fun It s really fun to play Lin Mo rubbed his hands, passed the incomplete soul contract in his mind that only had the function of consciousness communication, and said to the gold coin Help me think about the things here these days, big and small, but you erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice are not allowed to steal them.

The adjustable baffle can automatically change the air intake according to the speed.Almost all the models in this test use the 15 vector propulsion engine specially suitable for twin engine fighters.In addition, the J 20 is almost covered with phase control The array antenna main wing, tail, nose and multiple sides of the fuselage has holographic perception capabilities and excellent autonomous fighting capabilities.From the details, it can be seen that the design of the aerodynamic layout of the J 20 has reached best sexual enhancing pill erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice the extreme.Air superior heavy aircraft with aerodynamic advantage.It can be said that since the J 10, China has caught up with the fighter level of the United States and Russia, and the J 14 and J 20 are basically the same as the fourth and fifth generations of the United States and Russia.

Box Section 226 Invasion Assault Said, old Corey, see if you are as hard as this stone castle, haha, what a coincidence, your code name is the same name as the castle, this is Allah By the will of Allah, this is your burial place, old man You should be honored With a broken voice comparable to that of a demon, Hari Khan, a double master of beasts, is more interested in torture and torture than torture, He even hoped that the other party could persist for a little longer.Pooh Corey, an intelligence officer code named Lapis Stone , widened his eyes suddenly, and blurted out a mouthful of blood foam, but fell powerlessly half a meter away, barely touching the ground.When it came to Harry Khan s shoe upper, four ribs were broken, his body was bruised and bruised, his gray beard was burnt to only a little bit, his scalp was torn off in several pieces, and two of his legs were almost torn apart from his entire body.

They want to know the armed situation in Gem Valley.The best way is to catch a few tongues , and Larry and Hafar who were sent out to meet the enemy for reconnaissance are good targets.Years of melee in Afghanistan The armed forces under these forces have been tested by the flames of war.Although they are not from any serious military academies, they still have basic military common sense.These experiences in exchange for blood and lives mean that they are both Experts in guerrilla warfare are also experts in anti guerrilla warfare.The two members of the Khalifa No.2 team, who were running around with their heads in their arms, did not dare to hesitate for a moment.Damn caliph 2, caliph 2 calls like no one Larry has not given up on the call so far, but their location is indeed not a good one.

Anyway, eight million dollars is not a small amount of wealth.Organizations such as the Taliban , Allah s Purification Group , Jihad Army and World Uyghur Congress are nothing more than territories, but they don t know that the real big fish are hidden among these Pathan people.This is a great benefit.He was determined.Seeing the leader in the navy blue square hat exit the tent, he picked up the walkie talkie on the corner of the large square table with the map, adjusted the channel, put it to his ear, and said directly I am Lawrence, the target Appear, live or die.Moments later, in a corner of the camp, the roar of engines suddenly sounded in two tents that were almost the same size as the central tent of the camp.On one corner of the tent that was not fully fixed, the thick canvas was suddenly lifted, and two vehicles rushed out.

He is very clear about the viagra photosensitivity power of electronic reconnaissance aircraft.When Pakistan first sent military aid Sabertooth Tiger electronic early warning aircraft to participate in the war, Although it didn t fire a single shot, its attack power is no less than that of a fighter jet.If possible, the high power radar mounted on an electronic warfare aircraft can directly irradiate the pilot to death.Of course, this is also a joke, which requires distance and The irradiation time can only be done, which is similar to the principle of directed energy weapons.Since the old American p 3 Aries electronic reconnaissance plane hit the Chinese J 8ii last time, it was forced to land at Lingshui Military Airport in Hainan, China because of serious damage.However, Lao Mei, who is so thick skinned that she is invincible, still has not learned her lesson, and from time to time sends viagra options advanced reconnaissance planes to continue spying, especially the interception of the pilot s voiceprint signal.

The data can t prove everything.The real contest depends on the flight time and combat experience.Technology and experience are the decisive factors.Negative key.Lin Mo made a gesture on the plane, and then said I think some functions can be added.Some modules need to be adjusted.There are four modes that can be set in it.The first is the custom mode, and the latter systems default They are simple mode, elite mode and ace mode.You can consider it, I will write it down, can you make a sample of the latter three modes Of course, if you need a helmet interface program, I can also provide it to you.As During development and testing, Engineer Qiu also had the control system development kit for the aviation tactical helmet.When he saw that Lin Mo was able to come up with the operation and drive system of the Dark Halberd as promised, he also took it seriously.

Michelle help me contact Lieutenant Colonel Joy, I hope he will have time to meet with me in the afternoon, yes, and at the same time call Mozariewski and ask him to come to my office.Yes, Mr.Friedman The voice of Michelle, the male secretary of the Special Operations Department, came from the phone.Not every supervisor will have a female secretary.In fact, a male secretary can provide calmness at critical moments.And rational assistance.After hesitating for a long time, Mitch Friedman finally made a decision for Lockheed and his own destiny.Mr.Friedman, did you call me A middle aged man with an unusually delicate mustache pushed open the door and entered the office, his eyes under a pair of black rimmed glasses were anxious.A job was messed up, and recently I was very worried about being caught by Mickey.

In recent days, the Hampton has been monitoring China s aircraft carrier training formation in the South China Sea, and is also looking for the mysterious super high speed submarine.Although the higher authorities suspect that the submarine has samurai male enhancement pill how to find viagra something to do with the Chinese, after half a month, the entire aircraft carrier battle group has undergone a complete resupply, but there has been no sign of the submarine ever appearing nearby.And another Virginia class USS Hawaii attack nuclear submarine searched everywhere, just like the Hampton , and found nothing, as if it had completely disappeared in the South China Sea.Almost all anti submarine equipment at the time can prove that the submarine did not have any anti sonar equipment at all, and any sonar, synthetic aperture radar, and magnetic detector could capture its position.

The Los Angeles class attack nuclear submarine is second only to the Seawolf class and Virginia class attack nuclear submarines.It is the most equipped main submarine of the U.S.Navy and plays a pivotal role in the U.S.Navy.Good job 1 Dragon Knight, 1 and 15 pilots of the training group, you can return home.The voice of Colonel Yang Hong, the captain on duty of the bridge, came from the radio, which means that the training mission of the aviation group has ended.When it s over, the upper echelons of the fleet are waiting to report the situation to their superiors and wait for new orders samurai male enhancement pill how to find viagra to be issued.Okay, captain brothers, start turning right with me as the center, and leave the rest to the No.1 anti submarine helicopter squad.Lin Mo started to make a large angle turn, and waved with the students on the left.

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Uh 1 It seems that something happened just now Lin Mo heard someone erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice chattering, followed the sound, but saw a thin middle aged man with a pale face cursing at him.Well, it seems that it really hit.The fate of ordinary civilians colliding with the dragon knight is just like what they saw before, as if being hit by a fly on their clothes, it is really no different from bumping into a moving tank or armored vehicle.Lin Mo didn t even react, and the opponent directly practiced ground fists on the ground.He lowered his gaze and took a glance.Fuck 1 Walking while talking on the phone, people who don t have a brain, they are simply blind, they don t even see the big living person in front of them, and they bump into them, we are not big girls, bump into a hair, I am again Do not engage in base.Ants 1 Although Lin Mo didn t look down on common people, but he didn t have any interest in such a dirty mouthed guy, and he didn t even mean to apologize.

Dress up as Clark.Professor Bent s flying man pretended to go out, successfully passed the security check at the gate of the skunk factory, and quietly disappeared at the corner of the street.I m Human Flesh, and I ll join you five minutes after I ve been safely evacuated.The Human Flesh who provided side assistance in the factory area used the optical camouflage cloth left by the previous Flying Man to come quietly from the road After exiting the factory area, after half a minute, the various monitoring systems and sensors in the vicinity automatically released the bad status and resumed normal work, as if no one had entered.I m Ghost Bird, well done At this time tomorrow, let s enjoy the sunshine, beach and beauties of Hawaii together.The aquatic product transport truck hiding in the alley suddenly started, and quickly drove towards the flying head Man and Human Sparrow are ready to meet each other.

Jeffrey.Hatchfei didn t notice that his hand reaching for the coffee cup accidentally touched the keyboard, and there was a symbol in the middle of the densely packed source how to find viagra nitridex male enhancement pills code on the screen.He operated while drinking coffee, and quickly completed the forwarding steps.No problem, boss Software engineer Jack Wells opened his work bag.There were two identical large capacity blank USB flash drives on the fixed cover in the bag.He hesitated and chose the one on the right.The nearby mechanic group One of the mechanics in the factory seems to have intentionally or unintentionally cast a meaningful look at the software engineer Jack, who handed over this USB flash drive to Jack Wells four hours ago.Stuff, thirteen hours ago, was quietly delivered to Area 5.The manufacturer is not any USB flash drive manufacturer in the world, but an old enemy of Boeing, and this old enemy is not the first time.

I wish Boeing s flight demonstration was too smooth.Until the introduction of four FA XXs to complete the system upgrade, how to find viagra nitridex male enhancement pills no one noticed any abnormalities in the Adam intelligent unmanned combat system that had been added.As usual, each functional module The movement is normal, even a little more agile.Sure enough, it s N level authority, Adam, baby, you are much smarter than before.Jeffrey.Professor Hatch is very satisfied with this.Section 544 Boeing s map gun The bus from Las Vegas to Area 51 was full of laughter.Haha .Old Qiu, I heard that you went to open a copy of the casino last night.It seems that you lost face.Yeah, almost more than half of the people lost so much that they almost pawned their underwear.The whole army was wiped out.Mo.Nonsense, I lost 5,000 dollars yesterday, fuck, the casino here is not authentic, no one wins at all, no wonder you are so rich.

The emergence of intelligent unmanned combat systems will change the mode of warfare.In the past, the competition of war weapons mainly relied on users, and human factors can make up for certain technological gaps.The selection and training of pilots has always been a high threshold.Decades of training and growth have meant that pilots cannot be produced in one turn like a production line.Affected by talent, the level of pilots varies.But when this restriction no longer exists, combat weapons that take advantage of the technological gap will become the most terrifying thing on the battlefield.No matter how good a pilot is, it would be a terrifying scene to encounter a large group of unmanned fighter jets that can come off best sexual enhancing pill erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice the assembly line and whose combat effectiveness is close to that of a quasi ace.

What are you doing, it s so early, didn t you say you didn t leave until after lunch Lin Mo had just had time to say this when he was dragged to the elevator by the girl.You lazy pig, you re still in bed at ten o clock, hurry up, I ll show you something good, this is a gift I prepared for you.Qi Fei was still in a hurry and acted vigorously.Putting more effort into it, he pulled Lin Mo into the elevator.Gift Can t you deliver it to the room Where are you going Lin Mo yawned for a long time, and then said, Don t you still send me a plane F35 or X 47 Said Seeing him, he couldn t help laughing, if this girl really had such great powers, they wouldn t have been kicked out a few days ago and screamed.You ll know it when you see it.Qi Fei rolled his eyes at Lin Mo.Covered with a layer of white cloth, an unidentified object about two meters high appeared in the best sexual enhancing pill erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice lobby.

Although Lin Mo was dismissed by the space center, Lin Mo was not without gain.As long as there was food, everyone would be very calm.When Lin Mo finished his dinner with his chopsticks, the number of people in the tent began to increase.From time to time, someone pushed open the double curtain to prevent the light from leaking and walked in.As the soldier code named Civet Cat said, within fifteen minutes, the leaders of all the action teams had arrived, and the time was as precise as a clock, and no one was late.This short meeting was mainly aimed at air support and ground coordination.Obviously, it was not just as simple as annihilating the two hundred armed forces.According to the latest information from the previous scouts, this armed organization not only carried a large amount of arms and drugs, but also held several hostages.

The greatest ability of armed helicopters is ground suppression and anti tank operations.Can I participate Lin Mo asked weakly.If he put on the full body knight armor that Qi Fei gave him, plus that terrifying giant sword, he might not be able to kill a large group.You Let s go to see the fun together.Anyway, the whole team is going, so you re not missing.Lao Pan let go of his hand, punched his fist, pointed to the robot called Gold Coin and said, It also goes to every The four year competition is not only a competition of manpower, but also a testing ground for equipment suppliers.All the competition consumption is sponsored by those manufacturers.After half a month of competition, the loss of hundreds of millions is like a drizzle It seems that Lin Mo is the only jet fighter pilot who belongs to the special service brigade, and there is no plan to form an aviation brigade with one fighter and one pilot, which is basically enough to meet the operational needs of the national special service force.

expected.These guys keep staring at me, do erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice best male enhancement pills 2019 australia they want to steal military secrets Lin Mo noticed that the foreign officials were staring at him.Well, in fact, they are no different from spies, except that their military quality is very good.Lao Pan naturally knew that military officers in military exchanges between countries basically had the mission of intelligence collection and analysis, and some of them would hide special forces.spy equipment.Then I ll dodge first The power boosting system was activated, the overload balance device was activated, and Lin Mo s figure suddenly disappeared in place.Man, where is man Lao Pan s can excess weight cause erectile dysfunction eyes widened and his mouth opened wide like those diplomats.Chapter 594 Victory in the first battle It s all a disguise.The Dragon General individual tactical armor cannot make people reach the speed that is out of human sight.

The other party was a national institution, a real behemoth.It never occurred to him that a national intelligence agency would come here to exploit erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice a trivial pilot.This is simply unbelievable, even completely unreasonable.No reason, shouldn t, unnecessary, puzzling, unreasonable.Old Lockheed would never have imagined that this was actually a smooth sailing operation by the intelligence agency to return someone s favor.In 24 hours, we have to get a reply within 24 hours, otherwise a copy of this document will appear on the presidential desk in the White House, all members of Congress, the Pentagon and the top executives of Boeing, and everyone will have a copy.Major Mok It is completely reckless, and Lockheed s softness has long been expected.The Chinese intelligence department is not even afraid that the CIA will know, but Lockheed has to take the initiative to conceal it for them.

The more opponents are shot down, the higher the evaluation of the pilot can bring more basic points to the shooter.Usually, veterans who have participated in many battles will have high social value and their own points.There is also a price to challenge the masters.The rookie will end up with the masters, and there is no other meaning except to give points to the opponent.Very few pilots will be so reckless and take risks to find opponents who are stronger than themselves.This kind of point erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice system is very difficult to cheat, not to mention that the value of fighter jets is more expensive than points, and air combat is much more dangerous.The only thing that contestants can grasp their advantages is the quality of the fighters and pilots they fight.This point not only represents the record ranking, but also can be used to exchange for fuel, consumables, maintenance equipment and the most valuable special ammunition for participating in the battle.

Yasha turned his head and looked away, and said angrily The government army and the free army are at war.Only the organizer of Abyss Nirvana can guarantee the safety of the goods.If you don t monopolize the business, erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice who will you kill And there is no second choice., If it is placed elsewhere, it may be smashed in a blink of an eye, and one hundred thousand dollars is already considered very cheap.If you are not in charge of your family, you don t know the price of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and the hard earned money of the people is wasted in this way, so how many out of school children can go to school.The extra 100,000 made Yasha very heartbroken.He took care of everything for Lin Mo in order to execute the orders entrusted by his superiors.He spent every amount of money carefully.If it were in normal times, he would not be like Lin Mo.

Such accidents often happen in wars.Of course Lin Mo would not believe it.Yasha blind cat killed a mouse, and was able to overturn a flying saucer by chance, and this flying saucer is definitely not an interstellar visitor, flying to a gathering place of the world s top aviation combat weapons, what is it Even if it is a real foreign aircraft The star UFO cannot escape the fate of being shot down.You go to work first, and I will lead the combat mission Dragon Knight shamefully became a deserter.Chapter 643 Participating in the game When the captain of the Demon Hunter Yasha was struggling with his mistake and shot down an alien flying saucer and caused a catastrophe , Lin Mo had already led To his own battle plan.Go to war three days later.Lin Mo s combat target is a privately designed and manufactured jet fighter.

There are even ultra sci fi flying saucers, and there is a strange thing like a magic circle , maybe it is the exclusive code name of some kind of energy force field technology that uses special devices.Chapter 644 Unscrupulous magic circle Unscrupulous magic circle 1 The dragon knight was thrown out for the first time in this world dominated by technological civilization.The two engineers were suspicious for a while.They would never have thought that something from another world s magical civilization would be automatically brain filled into a technological product.Lin Mo has long discovered that humans in this world, especially scientists, the more they see unexplainable things, the more they are used to reasoning and making up their minds with scientific principles, which relieves Lin Mo.

As soon as the missile was launched, Lin Mo immediately sprinkled a large number of infrared jamming bombs without hesitation, and laid a large jamming net behind the plane.boom A huge fireball exploded in the sky.The aerodynamically damaged Xinshen fighter has no ability to dodge at all, and the Baqi who only wants to bring the fighter back intact releases infrared jamming bombs to no avail, and it is too late to pull the ejection.There was a fire.Scattered metal fragments and scorched bodies fell to the ground.The infrared heat bombs in the sky seemed endless, forming a meteor shower all over the sky.The X 1 forward swept wing fighter, which continuously released infrared heat bombs, exerted all its kinetic energy at the moment when the short range air to air combat missile approached, and made a J turn.

The 50,000 commission was paid really well, and even the face of the mysterious bettor was secretly photographed.Oh Lin Mo couldn t help but look at Sally one more time.He really couldn t see that the intelligence work of this Afghan Patan girl was so good, even the domestic intelligence department was inferior.If it is really serious, the investigation capabilities of the domestic intelligence department are very strong, but it is only an abyss nirvana , and the country will not allocate more resources, manpower and material resources to provide intelligence support for Lin Mo.Therefore, the information Sally obtained from various professional intelligence organizations is more comprehensive.I don t know, Lin Mo has never seen the guy in the photo.Sally suddenly pointed in one direction, and exclaimed in a low voice Hey Look, it s them, and they re here to bet again Section 671 Lin Mo, the humanoid construct, looked in the direction Sally was pointing at.

The huge formation of sixteen fighter jets spanned seven kilometers, like a flock of migrating birds flying to the northwest, and the distance between each small formation was at least one kilometer to avoid being hit by the enemy s densely fired missiles.The fleet of the Army camp may be just like them.A huge formation flew head on.Everyone s communication channels were turned on, and the ECCM anti jamming mode was turned on early, waiting for the feedback from the Chinese pilot No.13 in front of the fleet.The reconnaissance system of that forward swept wing fighter is really against the sky.It can even directly ignore stealth technology.This more or less increased a little confidence for many people.Especially the two civilian combatants in the elementary group, fantasizing about taking advantage of discovering the target in advance.

Launch a few medium range air to air missiles from a distance to knock down the opponent, and the opponent s military quality advantage will disappear.Not to mention the threat of medium range air to air missiles to ace pilots, there are still some people who agree with this idea, but before the captain Paladin gives the order, no one is allowed to fire without authorization, even if he is shot down The massacre of thirty two fighter jets was a very rare scene after the two world wars.The sponsor distributed the reconnaissance planes in the sky, each of which could lock 200 air targets including missiles at one time, easily Can be qualified for this task of watching the battle.While everyone was silently waiting for Lin Mo s news, the sound that arrived as promised broke the silence in the communication channel.

Not much, two million dollars, almost erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice all of my wealth.Back then when he was a mercenary, Ebike thought that one hundred thousand dollars was a huge sum of money, which would be enough to eat and drink for a lifetime if he saved some money, but now his net worth is more than ten times that of the original huge sum.Chapter 697 The beginning of deception Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, even now Ebike is at the pinnacle of his life, and he is already the commander of nearly 20,000 erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice armed men in the four northern provinces of Afghanistan.In front of Sally, she still looks like a low browed and pleasing little daughter in law, who has always been loyally guarding the careers of Sally and Lin Mo.He once swore to Allah very piously that he would use his life to protect the people and land of Gem Valley, no matter what his future is, this will not change.

He pointed his middle finger, but unexpectedly, another large truck passed by from the side, and the sand and dust rolled up made him take a few mouthfuls.Bah bah Bastard Willy Chuck in the cab was also attacked again, and he quickly rolled up the window.One after another large trucks overtook the Cherokee.It was a large scale convoy with English sprayed on the body, which seemed to be Boulogne Broni Mining Company.Suddenly, the big truck in front stopped slowly and blocked the road aggressively.Damn, what are they trying to do Do they want to rob Gagor Brown s face turned green on the spot, and he was frightened.If his actions just now hadn t aroused the other party s anger, he decisively retreated into the car and raised the window , plugged all the latches, flipped through the glove box, and held a pepper spray can tightly in his hand, shaking with fright.

Jack Are you OK.Willie Chuck saw his old classmate s face turning blue and then pale, and his expression kept clouding.His face was horrific.Uh No, I m fine Viri Jack came back to his senses.Roosevelt s chest seemed to have opened the bellows, and he suddenly gasped.His face was flushed red, but his heart was churning endlessly like a stormy sea.Didn t he mean to block the opponent with his body just now, but the East Asian man lightly pressed his hand on his chest, and suddenly a huge irresistible force came and pushed him away without hesitation.This force is simply like a bulldozer, making him irresistible.Jack, why don t you stop them, that kid may have something good.Rodriguez, a senior geologist, was in a hurry.He watched the stone suspected of being a special meteorite leave his sight.

What does the hospital say, is it serious Lin Mo hoped that his teacher, Professor Yan, would be able to recover quickly, no matter how much it cost.Yan Zhending shook his head sadly.Now he and his younger brother Yan Zhensheng take care of everything about his father in the hospital, and the family members will come to change shifts every once in a while.Although the hospital has arranged special nurses They are taking care of them 24 hours a day, but they are still not at ease.Is the medical skill of this hospital good If you don t want me to arrange to transfer the teacher to the best hospital, don t worry, money is not a problem, I will find the best experts and the best equipment.Lin does atoravasin causes erectile dysfunction Mo walked up to Professor Yan, and there was a slight click sound on both wrists, and the hand guard part was automatically disengaged, revealing a pair of white and firm hands, and gently touched the teacher s thin and yellow hands.

Of course, they have to learn Any kind of aircraft can be repaired.The barracks training ground is not a runway.Usually, a length of 100 meters is good enough.Fortunately, the concrete floor is very smooth, which is definitely good news for the Mustang who are not too picky about the runway.The headwind greatly shortened the landing distance, and in the unloaded state, the Mustang seemed to be performing acrobatics.In a few seconds, the speed dropped from more than 300 kilometers per hour to more than ten kilometers.Pressed firmly on the concrete floor, the distance was only 60 meters.Turning his head lightly and skillfully, occupying one third of the entire training ground, he finally stopped the roaring noise of the surging power.This kind of arrogance is no longer outrageous.Report I am Dragon Knight Come to deliver Marcia s laptop.

Always the first to appear in the hangar, he is pulling his tactical tablet, checking and supplementing the daily work list.The military also adopts a commercial and efficient process management model.Each has a tactical tablet.Just look it up to know what tasks you have today.Similar to the OA automation management platform, the top down management tree structure of the Dark Night Secret Service Brigade is very flat.Senior leaders can check everyone s current status and work progress at any time.Morning I didn t exhaust you last night, did you Team Leader Pan checked quietly.The cleanliness was beyond expectation.I don t know how Lin Mo did it.In some of the most secret corners of the hangar It turned out to be Xianchen.However, as the person in charge of the air crew, naturally he would not put his mind on the issue of cleanliness.

This secret website is composed of the latest technical papers publishing website, trading platform and internal communication forum, for folk science and technology enthusiasts to exchange their discoveries and inventions with each other.Occasionally, some commercial organizations such as laboratories and enterprises place tasks on it or purchase some technology and physical products.Items listed for sale can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, but only a true professional can estimate the price.What Marcia showed Lin Mo was a technology called Boies Hydrogen Oxygen Decomposition Cell , which cost 30 million US dollars and was specially used to electrolyze water to obtain separated hydrogen and oxygen elements.The working efficiency is the traditional Faraday electrolysis technology.

Really Dragon Knight , you are so kind, I ll help you right away, um, low sperm count and erectile dysfunction maybe you can bargain, the transfer price of the Boies Hydroxygen Decomposition Tank technology may be even cheaper.Marcia was overjoyed by Lin Mo s resolute style.This new boss was much more generous than the previous Kryptian mercenary organization, and the little Lolita was full of energy for a while.Lin Mo stood up and left and right Glancing at the huge hangar, he thought about something thoughtfully, and then said Stop the work in hand for the past two days, and apply to the base for two vacant warehouses with me, and get some more For the shelf, do the preparation work first, otherwise when the materials arrive, where do you put them.ah no problem sir Marcia gave Lin Mo a Barton style military salute.She was the right person to work for this new boss, and even applied for a warehouse for her.

Boyce, what are you doing Are you studying to open this door Please, you are a physics expert.He is a scientist, not a locksmith who is good at unlocking locks.And we are in a prison cell, can it be said that the door will open when you push the door Alvin Carter said this, it was considered a joy in bitterness, and it gave the depressed prison cell Added some tranquilizers to relieve tension how does viagra work on females and fear.Sure enough, when he said this, the three children of Bob s family showed smiles on their faces, and even his partner Charlie couldn t help but chuckled lightly, and joked, Yes, yes, maybe God is working on our Beside, Mr.Bob, maybe God is blessing your wish to come true, haha, uh Charlie s laughter suddenly seemed like a big cock being strangled by the neck.His and Ivan s eyes suddenly enlarged, and the eyeballs almost popped out of the eye sockets.

Seeing the palm sized white controller not far away, those were the only two relics left by Jack in the world, Zegel s face became very ugly, which meant that the biochemical war beast was completely out of control.Some lucky ones desperately kept calling their bodyguards, while scrambling and scrambling to escape to the passage outside the arena.The two ferocious beasts did not let them go, and both rushed into the passage.There were desperate screams and feeble pistol shots from inside.Not far from the entrance of the passage, a secret door opened automatically, revealing two intelligent combat robots.As soon as they appeared, they immediately locked on to the two beasts, and machine gun bullets poured out like a torrential rain.The two beasts howled in pain.The bullets bounced wildly on the scales, but not many of them were able to penetrate successfully.

The intentional or unintentional silence of the two instructors somewhat indulged Lin Mo in killing chickens and respecting monkeys.The real establishment of the prestige of the instructors will allow these students to engrave the contents of this training class into their bones, which will never be forgotten.Major Lei Hua, who clamored to defeat the instructor No.1 before taking off, let alone staged a student counterattack against the instructor, was very reluctant to protect himself, like a big rooster that was chased up and down by a tiger and was exhausted.No matter what kind of evasive or defensive tactics he uses, even the trump card at the bottom of the box cannot get rid of the opponent s radar lock, and it is still easily manipulated in erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice the palm of his hand.It was clearly the same fighter jet of the same model.

Colonel Yu Wenping asked the captain.The battle just now is still fresh in people s memory.After Lin Mo left, he had the courage to ask the captain.A special anti terrorist unit that specializes in eliminating terrorists and separatists It s not a special unit It s even two levels lower than ours.When he said this, Colonel Yu Wenping obviously felt that he was against his will.There are such talents hidden in a crouching tiger hiding in a special service force, it seems that I have underestimated the heroes of the world. Desperately code out another section Guaranteed to send out on time in the early morning.Do you have a recommendation ticket Chapter 897 The fleet that arrives late is beep A series of alarms from the TWS threat warning system sounded in the cockpit, and the level of threat was quite high.

Marcia, congratulations, your plan has succeeded , Have you ever thought about coming to work with us The conditions here are ranked among the best in the world.You can see all kinds of cutting edge high tech, and you can also equip you with a d l laboratory, with all kinds of experimental equipment and materials, and the treatment You are satisfied.The complete success of this mission is due to this doll like girl.Ye Yun, who received instructions from her superiors, took advantage of the opportunity of congratulations, and in a timely manner, beside the blond technical loli, quietly poured relevant department brand soup This is a fatal temptation for a technical geek who is obsessed with technology.Thank you Is what you said true When visiting the 099 Research Institute in the past few days, I saw all kinds of astonishing research.

The sealing cover opened a gap, and under the promotion of the air pressure support, the box cover was opened.That s it Lin Mo looked at his electromagnetic rail rifle in astonishment.The exhaustive brute force cracking method like a blind cat hitting a dead mouse actually really worked.This luck is simply blessed by the dragon god, and I can buy lottery tickets almost immediately.The transparent interlayer inside the box reveals a dense mechanism structure, and many small container like cavities are empty, as if all the inventory has been tossed and emptied.In the groove in the very center of the box.Quietly placed a small pure white box.It seems that the black box has accepted its fate.This small white box does not have any passwords, nor any vicious mechanisms.Lin Mo, who is still cautious, easily picks the lid open with the muzzle of a gun, revealing the contents inside.

It s like a tit for tat.At the beginning, the opponent intercepted his Longinus halfway, but now Lin Mo retaliates with an eye for an eye and snatches the opponent s Dropas civilization technology equipment Gadalol.The owner of Gadalol must be vomited blood.Heading eastward at high speed along the 30th parallel north latitude, it passed through Iran, Pakistan and India.After more than an hour, the deformed wing fighter jet cruising at Mach 5 at full speed quietly returned to China.Its destination was not the Dark Night Special Service Brigade., but the seat of the 099 homll viagra Research Institute.Within a radius of 100 kilometers from the research institute, the deformed wing fighter jets obtained access permission through satellites.This is the first time that a deformed wing fighter jet has arrived at this highly guarded research unit.

Is this guy crazy Lin Mo suddenly pulled the joystick back, opened the speed brake, and made a rollover at the same time, narrowly avoiding the aircraft that was desperately fleeing before.The rollover is still going on.It turned into a barrel roll, and in the twirling, Lin Mo was not turned to lose his direction, but took the opportunity to press the laser cannon launch button.A crimson beam hit the Libys transport plane without any fuss.Unexpectedly, a burst of sparkling ripples rippled across the surface of the opponent s body, swallowing the laser beam without a trace.Energy shield What a bastard Lin Mo stabilized the body.Recovering the speedbrake, using the repulsion shield to increase the output power suddenly, the body immediately floated up several meters, avoiding the opponent s launch of a blue white particle beam.

At the critical moment when they were about to lose control completely, they relied on Mr.Adam s intelligent robot bodyguards to suppress the vicious two heads, causing a lot of bloody killings Beast of the Third Age.After the video, any explanation is superfluous.Those doubters in high positions kept their mouths shut tightly, as if they had been brainwashed, they voted for it without hesitation.However, worries and doubts still exist.The military and Eden are only in the initial stage of cooperation.No matter which side it is, more facts and data are needed as evidence to convince more people and strengthen the confidence of those who are dubious.The words of Lieutenant General Leonard revealed a signal that Eden had passed the preliminary interviews of the military and high level government.

Arms manufacturers, governments and armed organizations with certain strength from all over the world have been invited, some as exhibitors, some as customers, and some both participating in the exhibition and purchasing.Introduced by the Sierra Nevada Co., Ltd., a partner of the Dragoon Consortium, the Dragoon Consortium received the invitation document for the International Arms Sales Exhibition jointly organized by China, the United States and Russia.This represents the recognition of the Dragoon consortium by international forces.Perhaps the Queen of the Yingyuehe Design Center should complain about her lack of resources at this moment.The business contract personally issued by the president of the Afghan Gem Valley Dragoon Consortium on the phone will make her feel almost impossible to have a rest erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice best male enhancement pills 2019 australia day this year.

Complete the calculations, facing the J 20 formation, the winning rate is 30, and facing the unknown fighter X, the winning rate is 0 The intelligent robot is honest, and after connecting to the main server, it quickly came up with an evaluation result.Hiss Left Hand Lieutenant Colonel Bradrick gasped.With such a huge gap with the Chinese, even in the face of the Chinese J 20, the possibility of being defeated is as high as 70 , and there is no chance of winning the battle with the unknown model.Although knowing the information given by the robot may not be Accurate, but told Lieutenant Colonel Bradrick from the side, it would be embarrassing to compete with the Chinese, the worst thing is to lose.Lieutenant Colonel Left Hand Bradrick is erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice in contact with his superiors Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, 0855, prepare for a simulated confrontation 0855 ready The quality of the products provided by the Eden Intelligent Robot Factory is quite excellent.

The elderly and refined Elder Ali Mu can also see this, and his eyes turned around the faces of Yisam, the blond technical Loli Marcia and Lin Mo, but he didn t notice anything strange.He nodded, stretched out his skinny right hand and gestured again, and said Then, please rest for a while, and when we Bedouins have repelled the enemy, I will entertain you well, maybe we will There may be common topics.The implication is very clear, Lin Mo, Liu Disheng and others were placed under house arrest on the spot, and if the talk goes well, they will have a chance to get their own things.He will be sent out of the country as a gift, at least there will be no more worries about his life.This is the promise of the Great Elder, more real than real gold.Liu Disheng looked happy, as long as people are alive, there is still a chance, and he quickly saluted and said, Thank you, respected elder, we are very willing to accept the hospitality of the Bedouins Not applicable, only generous acceptance is the most correct respect for the other party.

The Bedouins are in big trouble This has nothing to do with us.We ll just wait here.Five hundred people shouldn t bother them.Well, it s the sound of Beretta s AR 90 assault rifle.It s really strange, isn t it Which tribe nearby has the support of the Italians.Liu Disheng sat on the blanket and drank the poor tea as if it had nothing to do with him.Think about how to get out safely or help Marcia get her things back.No, the Bedouin retreated, they couldn t stop it Lin Mo an sat beside the teapot.Although he didn t use the light mirror technique, his keen senses detected the unique gun erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice of the Bedouin s AK 47 automatic rifle.The sound was retreating into the town.There is only one possibility, their defense line collapsed.More than 500 people can defeat nearly a thousand people The Bedouin are the fiercest nomads in the Arabian Peninsula Liu Disheng couldn t believe Lin Mo s judgment.

Hearty food.This dish is called Sea and Sky Feast It s a pity that this foodie was subtly trained by the dragon knight to come out to eat when it should be eaten, and when he was not allowed to eat, he could only watch eagerly.Although it is important to fill the belly, one s own life is more important.Performing various tasks in Linmo, you will encounter some very terrifying weapons of war at any time, which frightens this golden erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice dragon, which is about to end its growth period and enters adulthood, to be more cautious.Whether it is another world or this world, there are countless examples of boats capsized in the gutter.The freighter has been found Six speedboats have surrounded it.Lin Mo couldn t help sighing at the bulk carrier as an unlucky child.This freighter, which hadn t had time to sail out of the Gulf of Aden, was targeted by a group of real Somali pirates again, which is really terrible.

Harris His attitude is very sincere, even if it is not surprising from his standpoint to use torture or tell the truth, but he still chose the safest and most primitive method.Language can be faked, but appearance is not easy to fake.Liu Disheng knows that Marcia Wright is an orphan, even if he recognizes his relatives, it seems that there is no need to deceive erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice people with this posture, but judging from the tone of this man, it seems to be something What a big shot.He cleared his throat, struggled to stand up again, and said Yes, I can understand, well, since you don t mean anything malicious, I will tell you what I know.Half an hour later, Liu Disheng looked at this and claimed to be Marcia.Wright s father s men left the manor with those extremely fierce men, and he collapsed on the ground again as if he had exhausted all his strength.

Everyone, sit down and fasten your seat belts The journey ahead will be very exciting Without caring whether the driver got out of the car, Li Mu jumped into the driver s seat and started the car quickly, looking at the rearview mirror at the same time Taking a look, under the cold moonlight, a few big trees fell down on the side of the road where they were standing just now, directly pressing on the road.As long as it is one step late, the consequences will be disastrous.With a sudden step on the accelerator, the Mercedes Benz van rushed out like a wild horse running wild.Go, go, god, god, what, what, what is it Looking at the back of the car inadvertently, Anton Gruber was frightened on the spot, and his stuttering became more and more serious, and he couldn t even speak a complete sentence.

In fact, not only Marcia was missing, but also two sisters, Li Muxin erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice and Li Mubing, the most outstanding intelligence team of the intelligence team, Twin Stars .If they have three ups and two downs, not only the air crew and staff will be hit hard, but even Team Leader Xie will lose an important arm.Germany is not a small country like Ah San, but also a veteran European power.It attaches great importance to various rules, and it will never be easy for forces from other countries to mess around on German territory without its permission.It is precisely because of this that China s foreign affairs department publicly requested support from the German intelligence agencies.After quick approval, the Germans also solemnly agreed to provide assistance, and did not gloat because it was the intelligence agencies of other countries.

It was a disaster that his own father was a member of the rebels.Maybe she will never be able to see her father again, such a desperate separation makes the blond Loli heartbroken.No one thought that Marcia s father turned out to be a real human from the third era, and he was also one of the important members of the advance team that sneaked into this world.Otherwise, even Lin Mo would not have enough confidence to protect this loli.Don t worry, if there is a chance, I will find a way to snatch your father out of the rebel organization and reunite you father and daughter.Lin Mo comforted the blond Loli in a gentle tone.Although he made such a promise, he didn t have the confidence to realize it.How difficult it was In the endless battle between the two dimensional membrane worlds, once there is an exchange of fire, it will most likely turn into a tragic battle.

The Referee inexplicably superfluously issued an emergency order specially issued by the Ministry of Defense of China.He could tell at the first glance that this order was definitely not issued by the Ministry of Defense itself.The point is not in the country at all, and even the name of the liaison officer does not look like a Chinese, Genji Tetsuya.A typical Japanese name.No matter how dizzy the Ministry of National Defense is, it is impossible to take the initiative to hand over its own soldiers to Commanded by the Japanese, on the projected order file, Lin Mo saw the secret code using a special encrypted logo.The call up order was canceled less than a minute after arriving at Lin Mo s place, and the attached replacement order became general He was assigned to the temporary mobile unit of the Tribunal on standby.

S.military pilots successfully grasp the air supremacy.A Kamru interceptor plane rushed out of the star gate at high speed, and then pulled up the angle of attack together, penetrated Division of Camiguin erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice the defensive cover, passed through the high temperature and intense nuclear radiation after the neutron bomb exploded, and participated in the In air combat.This puts more and more pressure on the F 22 Raptor fighter group.Even if neutron bombs are used to clear the field from time to time, it is difficult to prevent more and more enemy planes from appearing outside the defensive cover, fighting fiercely with the Raptors.compete for air supremacy.The blue and white particle beams criss crossed, weaving a web of death with air to air missiles.In just five minutes, the Americans lost 3 Raptors , and they are gradually losing their initial surprise advantage.

These records alone are enough to make erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice the U.S.Air Force, whose registered air combat ace ACE is in a generational dilemma, have harvested five aces with rich actual combat experience.Almost every country s registered ace ACE pilots piled up their own thrones with the bones of enemies and the wreckage of fighter jets.The outstanding performance of the U.S.Air Force prevented the AC 130 attack fleet from suffering too much damage.When the first stargate collapsed, there were actually 8 AC 130 aerial gunboats surviving in the sky.Although the Rafferbury Circle flight formation composed of nine aircraft was somewhat reluctant, it was under the cover of another five fighter jets.They acted in unison, as if they were one body, they unreservedly poured out all their firepower on the ground, and the powerful bombs fell, blasting blood filled patches in the formation of the third era invasion troops that hadn t had time to disperse.

The hard nuts to crack are always put at the end, and the adverse effects of continuous operations have been highlighted.Due to this kind of transfer, they were exhausted and could not be quickly deployed to a new theater.From the preparation of combat materials to the assembly, transportation and release of troops, even China, the United States and Russia will inevitably poseidon male enhancement pill erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice have wholesale china male enhancement pills to delay more than double the time.They can quickly assemble a huge combat force in a certain theater, but for the whole world Going to war and being helpless.The fate of the remnants in the Zaire Basin theater is determined.Losing the star gate is like a tree without roots.It will end sooner or later.Even if the coalition forces do nothing, the nuclear radiation left on the battlefield will make this group of stragglers rogue.

Barulaka is the most outstanding disciple cultivated by the martial art elder Aurik of the Zhan Clan, not one of them.During the selection process of the advance team, this disciple successfully defeated the disciples trained by other martial arts elders with his outstanding performance.Became a Zhan clan member of the starting advance team.Taking advantage of the opening of the star gate this time, Oric volunteered to join the vanguard army and entered this fertile world.He also tried to find the murderer who killed his disciple, but he never expected that in the first operation He kicked the iron board, and there is a high possibility that this opponent is the murderer he was looking for.Every member of the Zhan clan grows up viagra and diarrhea in challenges all the time, so every Zhan clan member who survives and grows up healthily can get the honorable title of warrior and face challenges.

The white light that illuminates the world seems to have never appeared before.The world has returned to darkness, and it can no longer find that A fighter jet that delivered a fatal blow like a ghost.The giant shield in his hand paused heavily on the ground a few times, and the only remaining Galan was about to gather the remnants and retreat back to the star gate.He just turned around and suddenly stared erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice in a certain direction.Fifty paces away, a human warrior in heavy armor was staring at it coldly, and with his right hand he thrust the same Longinus Spear into the ground.enemy the murderer.The only surviving Galan was furious.This is the butcher who single handedly caused heavy casualties to their army.The direct damage radius of two ton level high explosive aerial bombs can reach 2000 meters, and the secondary damage radius can even cover a radius of 3000 meters, whether it is within the range of gunpowder smoke or the spread of impact b .

Our wood will also care about people.This is really touching.Don t patronize me.You only need to pay more attention to this terrible business.You need to pay more attention when performing tasks.Be careful, why did you think of calling me Serving as a soldier to defend the country, especially a pilot like Lin Mo, naturally has to work hard with others.Qi Fei, who knows a little about Lin Mo s work, will naturally not be like those short sighted, self interested people who only care about erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice their own family.Although the little ignorant woman is often worried, she still does her best to support her.It s rare to be free.It just so happens that the communication authority is open.Let me care about you.Lin Mo smiled slightly, as if he could imagine that the expression on Qi Fei s erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice face at the moment erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice best male enhancement pills 2019 australia had a layer of emotional fetters, and her temperament was also unknown.

Although the location of the projection is very remote and inaccessible, these 10 new star gates seem to be purely transporting conventional combat units, not even a single garan appears, which makes the commanders in charge of attacking the 10 star gates gather together.With a sigh of relief, the invulnerable six legged human monster is almost a nightmare for all blocking defense lines.The pressure brought by the ordinary invasion forces of the third era civilization to the human beings in the present world is not as great as the pressure that suddenly appeared collectively, even without special forces.As long as enough heavy weapons and air support are mobilized, regular active duty troops can also be independently competent for this type of blocking mission, and no matter how bad it is, they can control the situation in a stalemate.

C777 Well, I m the last one, C792 in Hawaii, the proton dimension membrane was impacted, and the received energy lost 58, thank God We succeeded We succeeded Interference succeeded Iverson and Professor Nikolaos equation is correct.Although humans in today s world have lost the crucial Longinus main gun due to the conspiracy of the advance team of the third era and the rebel organization, scientists in the world today do not He did not give up, and was still working tirelessly on how to crack the technology of the constant space gate triggered by the gun of Longinus.The originally imperfect superstring theory was jointly tackled by top scientists from all over the world, sharing every bit of harvest without reservation.With unprecedented efficiency and speed, human beings continue to further shape the superstring theory bit by bit like sand forming a tower, and start to decipher the mystery of the space dimensional membrane rules by analyzing the 11 dimensional properties of protons.

The 10 f a18f Super Hornet fighters of the Rage Jumper squadron shot the first round of salvo, all of them accelerated at high speed, and divided into combat groups to outflank the enemy planes that were chasing the surviving fighter jets of the Jolly Flag squadron.Properly transform the defeat of one s own friendly forces into a decoy tactic.The battle rhythm of the Aerial Knights was extremely fast.In the blink of an eye, the situation in the sky had undergone a reverse change.The Rage Jumper attack squadron launched an attack without hesitation, opening up the situation at once.In the west of Socotra Island, 10 Super Hornets and 9 Pterosaur fighters of the U.S.carrier based aircraft squadron engaged in an evenly matched firefight.Dog fights full of individual heroism also started at erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice the same time.

Below the clouds in the distant sky, a flying formation composed of large transport planes appeared huge.The U.S.airborne regiment had already approached Socotra Island, just in time to catch up with Lin Mo who had just cleared the field for them.Dragon Knight , please go to the Dwight D Eisenhower to complete the supply This is the Dragon General , our ship is ready.Two messages were sent to Lin Mo s Dragon General tactical helmet mask on the display.The first thousand two hundred and fifty sixth was exploded Karak, Ertor, Cisse, it s your turn The third era advance captain Helena, who was always watching the battle on Socotra Island, pressed the communicator hanging by her ear.A specially encrypted hidden wave came up from below the sea level, viagra apoteket constrained into an extremely small geometric angle and shot towards Socotra Island several nautical miles away.

Obviously, the advanced missile made him extremely afraid.Okay, Cisse and I will hold him down first.Cisse, restrain him with me, don t let him run away.After speaking, Karak took control of the ball and controlled the car in a clockwise direction.A large barrel rolling machine was used.Understood Suppress him.Wingman Cisse followed closely and performed the same large radius barrel roll counterclockwise.The combination of two barrel roll tactical maneuvers in opposite directions forms a scissors line in a joint attack situation, the classic two machine joint attack tactic, death scissors.The two intersecting flight trajectories are like a cage, trapping the Monster deformed wing fighter inside.If a favorable opportunity is caught, this cage will immediately become an aggressive and ferocious erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice best male enhancement pills 2019 australia scissor strangle air combat technique.

On Socotra Island, no matter whether it was the advance team of the third era erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice or Adam , they ignored erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice the arrival of the Dragon Knight erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice and didn t even intend to send air combat units to intercept it.boom Two 30mm caliber shells collided on the surface of the light blue light film and exploded two balls of fire.The violent explosion was unilateral, forming two strange hemispherical fireballs in the sky, and the light film at the point of impact Nothing moved.Immediately afterwards, two blue white particle beams and two red giant pulse laser beams that diffracted the Tyndall effect landed on the light film one after another, but there was no ripple at all, like a stone sinking into the sea.Sure enough, it is an energy defense cover, even stronger than the star gate defense cover.The dragon knight s face immediately darkened.

Refitting and inspection require a lot of energy.This is the fastest speed now.There are only three accelerators left in the special inventory.A dimensional concussion bomb is on its way and will be delivered to the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier in six hours.If it is still there by then, please pay attention to check it.The second remote pick up location is Udeid Air Force Base in Qatar As the Judicial Court said, the laboratories with high energy accelerators or colliders are being refitted in full swing, and everyone has almost forgotten the rest time, working overtime against the clock.The fate of all mankind is at stake.Scientists are rushing to work with red eyes one by one, striving to provide their own strength for the front line that is blocking the invasion.Received, I erectile dysfunction and aloe vera juice m on standby now and continue to monitor Socotra Island Lin Mo pushed the joystick, and the deformed wing fighter slowly turned away from the huge hollow beam of light.

What kind of defensive cover is this The dimensional concussion bomb failed to shake the light film.hell What the hell In his prediction, a big hole should have been melted, and then the Monster deformed wing fighter could take the opportunity to go in and start killing.But now.This hollow beam of light still stands there majestically.No, I don t believe it s really that strong The dimensional concussion bomb just now may have quality problems Lin Mo resented in disbelief, and the Monster deformed wing fighter turned around in the sky and climbed suddenly , rushed to the position where the beam of light connected with the black cloud.The white light that illuminated the sea and the sky, and the loud noise that shook the world reappeared as if the world had been opened up.But the black cloud remained unmoved, and the beam of light only trembled a few times as before, before regaining its calm.

In a close combat environment, an army composed of a group of masters of martial arts is more terrifying than an army using guns.Whether it is the Dragon General plug in enhanced armor with the seg core unit or the dragon samurai male enhancement pill how to find viagra arm, it can give Lin Mo the basic flying ability.But this kind of flying that lacks sufficient mobility and defense will make him a target of public criticism, a dull target, not only subject to short range attacks, but also long distance attacks.Compared with the group of crazy warriors on the ground as opponents, Lin Mo s attack pressure and density are quite limited.The Dragon Armor is more like an exoskeleton mobile armor, and its flexible strength increase allows the Dragon Knight to have almost endless continuous combat power.One force down ten sessions, all secret techniques will be forcibly suppressed by the brutal violence of one person and one dragon.